Study of upgrading propulsion with new technologies

What we could get by transferring positive characteristics of one propulsion system to another?

Pulse detonation engine

Old design, very efficient, noisy, low power levels... But what would happen if we would upgrade it ? With new of the shelf technologies, so we could have more control of detonation? Then scale it and transfer it to another propulsion system with fewer drawbacks ?

Jet engine

Continuous combustion, high level of noise, high power to weight, lot of components. Can we have better results if we have more control of fluid states?

Piston engine

Old design, low efficiency, managenable noise level, mid power to weight, lot of parts, widely used ... Can it be more simpler, greener ? What if we do little modification to the proces and use multipurpose component ?

Wankel engine

High power to weight, mid fuel efficiency, emissions and reliability. But what if we introduce some benefits of other engines ? and some other, of the shelf technologies ? New design improvement that can double power ?

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